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Co-Founder, Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation and Hospital

Chairman of Research, Sacro Occipital Research Society International


Stéphane Provencher’s earliest memories resounded with cries of pain and discomfort. Massively obese and bullied throughout childhood, he knew one thing for certain; he was not normal. “By the time my parents divorced, it was clear that any personal roadmap I might have developed was shattered, my destiny was a vague memory wrapped in the solitude of despair. It was years later, after leaving school and traveling to Europe, after reading The Alchemist that I discovered my limiting beliefs were no more than illusion. I began to ask Who am I? Why am I here?


Stéphane was now free to recall how his gift for intuiting where in their bodies’ people held pain, enabled him to feel what they were feeling and help heal their emotional wounds. This awareness guided his dedicated studies and career in chiropractic as he began to understand how the intertwined relationship of the body, mind, and spirit worked together. For Stéphane, learning how emotions—not purely physical ailments—cause 90% of all pain and dis-ease, was not as much revelatory as confirmatory.


The staggering realization that emitting or sending frequencies of love can restore proper balance forever changed Stéphane Provencher’s life and the lives of those he serves. “I am 100% clear that I am a vehicle. My commitment and passion is to guide as many as possible to wellness through self-love and knowledge. I invite you to initiate your own extraordinary journey of the soul.”


Dr. Provencher’s dream from a young age to unite a multi-faceted model of health care in one place is underway and coming to fruition with the building of the Whole-Listic Children’s Hospital.;;;

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