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The Chiropractic Alternative For Conditions Beyond Back Pain: 9 Top Chiropractors Share How They Help Patients Avoid Drugs and Surgery Naturally

Did you know that there is another way to go through life without pain besides popping pills and assuming this is as good as it gets?

Because most of the general population thinks of Chiropractors as back pain specialists, many people are simply not aware of all the other aspects of health that Chiropractic can improve. In fact, in some cases, Chiropractors can help their patients get off medications entirely and even avoid surgery.

Beyond the Back focuses on the various solutions that chiropractic care offers – besides back pain. In this book, you will learn:
•How Chiropractic can help you have more energy and get more out of life
•How Chiropractic can help you have a healthy pregnancy
•How to raise Superkids
•What are Epigenetics?
•How Chiropractic can heal knee injuries naturally
•How Chiropractic can help multi-generational families
•The Benefits of Applied Kinesiology
•Chiropractic care for athletes

Beyond the Back was co-written by nine Chiropractors: Dr. Steve Polenz, Dr. Matt and Dr. Jessica Thompson, Dr. Gil Desaulniers, Dr. Stéphane Provencher DICS, CKTP, Dr. David Sundy, Dr. Jeff Pereverzoff,
Dr. Marion Constantinides, and Dr. Victor Dolan.

Learn how Chiropractic can help you overcome your health issues without drugs or surgery and help you live a longer, fuller life.

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