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90% of all Dis-ease all Unresolved Emotional hurts

Emotional triggers happen and remain in your subconscious mind. These unresolved emotional hurts were only possible because your brain needs to define a specific moment in time with a past emotional event, circumstance, situation, person, etc.

Our brain will recognize certain emotions as “cues” to start the process of survival. These emotions are all related to, and stem from, fear.

The brain will “upload”, all memories into the, “What tools or strategies have I employed to stay alive or resolve a similar conflict?” database and then the brain runs the database in your subconscious mind to make sure you stay alive.


So, the concept of Upgrading the Brain™ is very simple. The technique is based upon the above affirmation that your brain needs to 1) collect data, 2) define what is going on based on your past experiences or mechanisms of defense, and if none of the above arise it will default toward the well-known, and ingrained, one mentioned above (like screaming, running, etc). Then the key concept of this technique is, like any Operating System on a device or computer, to update the software with what we know now.

If you could go back in time and update your "younger self" with what really happened and the new tools and strategies you have... WOULD you have handled that event, that situation, that person differently, AND MOSTLY, would you have been less fearful, scared, frustrated, peeved, guilty etc... ?

YES! This is why this technique is so powerful! takes from 5 to 40minutes depending of the past unresolved emotional hurts.

Upgrading the Brain™ is now offer part of the Lifestyle Prescription™ Coaching and Doctorate Program:

Any request for seminar or teaching this technique please email me at

An online class is coming up by 2020-21


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